Why You Should Consider Buying a House in Sentul

Looking for a house near the capital city, but without the hustle and tussle? Sentul is your answer, and here is why!

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Sentul is one of the fastest-growing neighbourhoods near the capital Jakarta. The area has experienced rapid development over the last several years. Every year, Sentul keeps on expanding and attracting more and more home buyers, and many leading property developers have started their development in Sentul. 

If you are considering a house in Sentul, here are some reasons why we think Sentul is an attractive residential area.

house in sentul, sentul property, rumah di sentul, properti sentul

The Buffer Zone of Jakarta

While Jakarta is a bustling Indonesian capital, where business activities, services, and commerce are all interlocked, Sentul City is a new housing and community development that has been planned in order to meet the needs of the ever-growing capital city.

Today, Sentul is one of the most sought-after residential areas and has become a popular residential area for young families who want to own their first home. 

Despite not being located in the capital city, Sentul offers easy access to a wide range of entertainment options, including shopping malls, eating hubs, and several entertainment venues. Like other parts of Jakarta, Sentul also offers easy access to reputable schools as well as various transportation options.

Cleaner and Fresher Environment

Surrounded by lush greenery and fresh air, Sentul is one of the best places to live near Jakarta where you can enjoy yourself, live and breathe. Developers are constantly improving and developing the area so you can expect to find a better living environment as part of the Sentul community.

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Easy Access to Public Transport and Toll Roads

Living in Sentul allows you to commute easily with access to public transport and toll roads, so you can be as adventurous as you like without worrying about traffic congestion or long road trips. So, even though the distance from Sentul to Jakarta is quite far, the Jagorawi toll road that connects Sentul to Jakarta provides easy access and will be able to shorten the travel time so that the distance can be traveled faster and easier.

Not having a car will not be a problem as well! The commuter line that connects Jakarta to Bogor has several stops in the main areas of Sentul. Not to mention the upcoming LRT expansion that is planned to be finished by December 2022, that connects Bogor to Jakarta, passing Sentul City and Sentul Circuit will make living in this suburb city easier!

A Promising Investment Area

People’s interest in finding houses in Sentul are increasing every year, especially with the presence of top-notch developers. Despite the housing and land prices in Sentul that are lower than Jakarta, land and house prices in Sentul are increasing every year. This is of course supported by the development of the Sentul area which is growing rapidly. With the increase in house and land prices in Sentul, this indicates that property investment in the Sentul area is prospective and promising.

house in sentul, sentul property, rumah di sentul, properti sentul

Sentul is without a doubt the best choice if you are looking for a home – Sentul will provide you with not only convenience at your doorstep but also a better living quality!