Quick Tips for Managing IMB for the First Home

Indonesia has legal documents granted by the local authorities, one of them is IMB. What is IMB and what do we need to prepare?

mengurus izin mendirikan bangunan IMB, taking care of Indonesian Building Permit
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When we own a property such as a house, it is important to understand the procedures for applying for an IMB certificate or a building permit. As part of the legal product granted by the local authorities for any new house construction plans, the IMB also includes permits for rehabilitation and renovation.

No need to worry and be confused about how to manage it, take a peek at the following tips and steps to get through this process even more!

  1. If we use a third-party service to take care of the IMB we need to prepare essential documents such as copies of house plans, photocopies of land certificates, copies of ID cards, both ours and building owners and land use agreements.
  2. If we want to take care of the IMB ourselves, the first step we take is to take a form at the local Public Works Department. After filling out and affixing a signature with 6000 stamp duty, we need to legalize the form to the administrative region and sub-district where the building will be erected.

mengurus izin mendirikan bangunan IMB, taking care of Indonesian Building Permit

In order to complete the whole process, we also need to prepare supporting documents such as:

  1. Plans, views (at least 2 pictures), sections (at least 2 pictures), foundation plans, roof plans, sanitation plans and site plans.
  2. Concrete construction drawings and calculations.
  3. Steel construction drawings and their calculations.
  4. Results of soil investigations and soil mechanics laboratory tests for buildings with 2 floors or more.
  5. Certificate of land ownership / certificate of HM (Hak Milik) / HGB (Hak Guna Bangunan).
  6. Letter of approval from neighbors, for buildings that coincide with building boundaries.
  7. A letter of willingness for land with a stamp duty of Rp. 6,000 from the land owner known to the Lurah and sub-district head, if the land does not belong to the applicant.
  8. Work Order (SPK) if the work is done by the project-based workers.
  9. There is a business license (HO) for commercial buildings.
  10. There is a principle permit from the Regional Head official if the location of the building deviates from the City Spatial Planning.


Despite the numerous paperwork and procedures required, obtaining an IMB certificate costs around one million rupiah and takes about 2-3 weeks of processing. This time period may vary based on the policy of the area in which we hold the property and the completeness of the documentation we prepare. Never skip this crucial procedure! Having all of your documentation and permissions in order will give you more peace of mind in your dream home.