Pros and Cons of Built-in Furniture: Here’s What You Should Choose

Ever wonder what type of furniture would suit a room with limited space? Built-in furniture is the answer to making your space look neat!

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Hello Lokals, are you familiar with the terms “loose” and “built-in” furniture? If loose implies the regular, separated furniture, built-in-furniture is a term for furniture that is made into one unit with a permanent construction such as walls, floors, or ceilings. Kitchen sets and closets are examples of commonly used built-in furniture.

So, what should you pay attention to when choosing to apply this type of furniture to your home? Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of implementing built-in furniture in your home.

The advantages of built-in furniture

  • Save more space

The placement of the furniture connected to the wall can fit the contour of the room and give the impression of more space. As a result, built-in furniture is an excellent choice for tiny homes or first-floor apartments.

  • Suitable for the concept of a modern minimalist house

With a one-piece concept, this furniture has a clean, contemporary, and minimalist design. With careful planning, built-in-furniture helps the house look practical and beautiful. For example, the area under the stairs can be used as a book storage area to make the home neater.

  • Strong and made with quality materials

Built-in furniture is always designed with robust materials since the design of this furniture is meant to last for a long time after it is installed. As the buyer, we can select the required material based on our budget.

  • Custom and personal

Want a home that is exclusive and different from the others? Built-in furniture is the right choice. Adapted with the condition of your building, the design looks more personal and not marketable. We can constantly adjust the material, color, and preferred furniture model with its custom nature.

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Disadvantages of built-in furniture

  • Unable to redecorate

Built-in furniture design has a permanent nature. Thus, we cannot redecorate, move, or replace existing furniture when bored. However, we can always redecorate by changing the carpet or curtains to change the atmosphere.

  • The price is much higher.

In terms of cost, this type of furniture tends to be more expensive than ready-made furniture on the market. Custom-made and personalized, this furniture requires a unique design at a high price and is different from mass-produced ready-to-use furniture.

  • Long working process

From design, measurement, material selection to installation, planting built-in furniture requires a long process. Always do careful planning and consideration if you want to build a house with this type of furniture.

  • Might need demolition service when moving

Planning on moving? Be ready to ask a contractor to remove it or build a new furniture set. If you want to relocate, this furniture might not be suitable for our new home because it has different sizes to the existing room size and decorations.


Those are some of the advantages and disadvantages of building a house with built-in furniture. After knowing the advantages and disadvantages, don’t hesitate to apply this custom concept to maximize a modern and minimalist home interior according to your dreams.