No Need To Hurry, Do This Before Moving to a New House!

Planning on buying your first home? Be sure to check all of the important details to prevent extra expenses in the future!

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Having a dream home must be a thrilling experience! Before actually moving, there is one more step that we must do, a home inspection. Generally, a home inspection is a visual assessment and thorough inspection to find damage to the dwelling. This step will also help you give an idea of which parts need to be changed, repaired, or renovated according to the taste we want.

Prepare the following checklist before a home inspection!

1. Walls and paint coating inspection

Walls inspection is important for plastering defects, uneven surfaces, cracks, and holes in the walls.

2. Drainage system check

Turn on all the faucets in the new home. This test aims to ensure that the water pipes are installed correctly to avoid blockages or leaks.

3. Roof and window inspection

Roof inspection will certainly save us from leaks during the rainy season. In addition, window inspection is also important to get a house with good air circulation.

4. Electrical system test

During the inspection, do not forget to bring our cellphone charger and test pen as support. Try charging our cellphone at several different outlets. If it does not charge, use a test pen to check whether the socket is working properly or not.

5. Check the floor

An uneven floor surface will certainly make the house uncomfortable. Do not forget to bring the ball and roll it around the room. If the surface is flat, the ball will roll into the corner of the house. If the surface is uneven, the ball will stop in the middle of the room.

6. Keep an eye on the door lock and fence padlock

Make sure every room lock and fence padlock is in good condition and safe from damage to ensure the security of the house and its contents.

7. Check AC ducts and additional furniture

If we buy a house with built-in furniture, it is important to check the function and proficiency of these items. See if the screws and door nuts are properly and completely installed. Also, try turning on the air conditioner and make sure no water is dripping from the drains.

If we have completed our inspection of these critical elements, we can now determine which portions will be renovated and which parts we will need to consult with the developer. Owning a new home can be an emotional experience, but no need to make a hasty decision that you will come to regret later.