How to Check Your Land Certificate Originality

We need to be vigilant when doing any transactions for property, such as making sure the originality of your land certificate!

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Buying a piece of land in Indonesia is not an easy thing to do. With the high population growth and limited land, people are competing to buy the best land at the best price, be it in the city, suburbs, or even rural areas. Tempted with a price lower than the market, will surely make people lose their common sense and make them prone to fraud.

Issues around land certificate originality are a common case in Indonesia, from small land disputes to nation-level land disputes, this is caused by the limited public information on registered land and how easy it is to counterfeit a land certificate with help from unresponsible officials.

A land certificate is an essential document in property transaction activities, and having a fake land certificate will certainly give you legal problems and your purchase will be deemed invalid.

indonesian property documents, sertifikat tanah, ppjb, ajb, Indonesian land agency, Badan pertanahan nasional

What is Land Certificate?

A Land Certificate is legal proof of ownership and rights of a person to land or property. The official land certificate owned must be in the form of a certificate issued by the National Land Agency (Badan Pertanahan Nasional). Land certificates are vital state documents, and on that basis, land certificates are printed by Peruri which are entrusted to the National Land Agency.

Land certificates serve as a strong means of proof regarding the physical data of the land and the juridical data contained, it is strong evidence because they contain data in the letter of measurement (surat ukur) and the relevant land book (buku tanah).

There are several types of land certificates for each aspect of a property. There are Certificate of Ownership (Sertifikat Hak Milik), Certificate of Building Use Rights (Sertifikat Hak Guna Bangun), Certificate of Rights for Flats (Sertifikat Hak Satuan Rumah Susun), Cultivation Right Certificate (Sertifikat Hak Guna Usaha), and Deed of Sale & Purchase (Akta Jual Beli).

How to Check Land Certificate Originality

There are several ways to check the originality of your land certificates. Here are several ways 

  1. Visit the local National Land Agency

The National Land Agency or BPN is a government institution that functions to carry out government duties in the land sector in accordance with statutory regulations. You can go to BPN to check the authenticity of the land certificate.

Be sure to bring supporting evidence such as proof of the latest land tax payment (PBB), original certificate of land rights, photocopy of applicant’s identity, application letter, as well as applicant’s identity and power of attorney if the application is authorized to another person. Usually checking land certificates will not take too long and only costs IDR 50,000 to IDR 100,000.

If there are irregularities on the land certificate, BPN will apply for plotting to ensure the data in the form through GPS (Global Positioning System) technology. However, if it turns out that the land certificate being examined is genuine, then BPN will give a stamp to the certificate.

  1. Online checking

a. BPN official mobile applications

There are several mobile applications that you can use to check the originality of your land certification, they are BPN Go Mobile, KiosK, and Sentuh Tanahku.

For BPN Go Mobile, it is available in the form of an application that can be downloaded via Android. BPN Go Mobile has a service that is not much different from the official BPN website.

KiosK mobile application is a medium available in the lobby of the BPN office, so you can check the authenticity of land certificates without the help of the officers.

And the last one is the Sentuh Tanahku application which can be downloaded via Google Playstore and App Store. You can use the same number of services as BPN Go. However, this application has additional features in the form of calculating the required costs.

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b. Visit

In addition to using the application, checking land certificates can also be done online on the official BPN website. Landowners and potential buyers can check the authenticity of the certificate. Through this page, you can find out information about the types of land services along with their requirements, timeframe, completion process flow, and service fee information along with the simulation, as well as information about the application file.

  1. Using PPAT services

The next method can be done by visiting the Land Deed Conveyancer (Pejabat Pembuat Akta Tanah or PPAT), who has the authority to make the deed in accordance with the legislation. PPAT can help you check the authenticity of the land certificate in detail. You can use PPAT services if you don’t have free time to visit BPN.

  1. Self-check

You can check the originality of your land certificate by yourself! The original land certificate issued by BPN has a soft green cover, while some fake certificates are usually gray and even tend to be darker in color.

Another physical indication that you can check is the form of stamp and signature issued by BPN. You can see from the color of the stamp to the shape of the signature, whether it matches the original or not.


Those are four different ways you can check the originality of your land certificate. Stay vigilant when you are doing any transactions for property, in addition to the price, buying a property is one of the most important decisions in life.