Do it yourself: Legal fees & Custom

It is important to have a little knowledge of the important legal documents that specify our ownership of the property we are about to buy.

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Land certificates serve as an identity of legitimate and authentic ownership in the eyes of the law for our land ownership, which includes the Certificate of Ownership (SHM), Certificate of Building Use Rights (SHGB), and Certificate of Use Rights. Aside from serving as legal proof, a property with complete and legal certificates have a higher asset value when you want to sell them in the future.

Land Ownership Certificate legalized by the Indonesian government, Aceh Indonesia

How to Issue for a Land Certificate

Making a land certificate is not hard to make, but it does require patience in following the steps and process. While we still need to get help from a PPAT with the process, here is a guide on how to issue certificates of land ownership the right way!

1. Get all the documents ready

The following are attachments of documents that we must prepare as a condition for land certificates:

  • Original Certificate of Building Use Rights (SHGB)
  • Photocopy of Building Permit (IMB)
  • Identity Card (KTP) and Family Card (KK)
  • Declaration of land ownership

Kantor BPN Badan Pertanahan Nasional Indonesia, Kementerian Agraria dan

2. Visit the BPN Office (National Land Agency)

After you have prepared all the documents, the next step is to visit the BPN office that is located in the same area where your land is located. Then, we have to buy a registration form and we will be given a blue and yellow map. Lastly, make an appointment with the BPN officer to carry out land measurements.

3. Issuance of Ownership Land Certificates

Once the land measurement has been done, we will receive the Land Measurement Letter data. Proceed to hand the data to complete the existing documents. Then, we just need to wait until the decree is issued.

While waiting for our land certificate to be issued, we will be charged by BEA for the Acquisition of Land Rights or BPHTB. It can take up to half to one year until the certificate is issued. So it is better for us to keep following up with the BPN officers regarding when our land certificates are issued.


Some people might not be willing to go through the process by themself, therefore they decided to hire a broker to help them with all the process. However, it could lead to document fraud and other problems such as a higher administration rate. Instead of hiring a broker, use the official service from the local PPAT (Land Deed Maker Official) to take care of our documents and assist in all the processes needed.