Different Types of Paint (and where to use them)

Did you know, one of the most important aspects to create a beautiful and sustainable house is picking the correct paint for each surface?

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Painting your own house is enjoyable and saves money, especially for those who have recently spent all their funds on their dream home. In addition to determining the colour that matches the room’s concept, it helps us know the various wall paint types and their functions. With the correct information, we will avoid losses due to our own mistakes, especially if we are planning to do the renovation ourselves!

Then what types of paint do we need to know and what are their functions? Let’s see the following article!

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Duco Paint

Popularly known as paint to coat a car’s surface, Duco paint is also often used in buildings made of metal and wood. Duco paint can provide a smooth finish with a more solid colour effect, perfect to achieve a smooth and vibrant look on 

Melamic Paint

Melamic paint is made from amino and alkyd resins. It is commonly found for coating wood surfaces to make the character more even. Other than that, melamic can also give a glossy effect, giving a more luxurious impression on wooden furniture.

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Polyurethane Paint

We can choose polyurethane or PU paint for a smooth, glossy, scratch-resistant surface. As one of the premium paints, this paint is usually used on buildings or where it is required to be safe from scratches, heat, and various hazardous chemicals.

Zinc Chromate Primer

Containing zinc chromate, this type of paint is very suitable for preventing rust on goods and surfaces made of iron or other types of metal. In addition to beautifying the appearance, this paint can help protect the iron from corrosion, thus making it more durable and durable.

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Styrene Acrylic Emulsion

The styrene-acrylic emulsion is suitable for painting concrete, brick, asbestos, and plaster surfaces onto plywood panels with a good acrylic mixture. Also, we can use this to protect against hot weather and mildew. This paint can also cover the pores on the plywood and prevent it from seeping when exposed to water.

Wall Sealer

As the name suggests, this type of paint is very good at closing the pores of the plastered wall surface. This wall sealer paint also functions as a base coat material before painting so that the wall pores are filled. Thus, making the surface smoother and easing the convenience of the next painting stage.

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Epoxy Paint

This type of epoxy paint has a solid resin content, specifically designed to protect various building materials. With a reasonably sticky texture, epoxy paint is widely used as a cover for concrete and metal surfaces to be painted.

Synthetic Alkyd Paint

This synthetic alkyd building paint is very well used for indoor and outdoor items. With a glossy finish, this paint can withstand various kinds of extreme weather and mildew.

duco paint, different types of paint for your property, cat duko, tipe cat untuk properti

After knowing all the types and functions, we can maximize the function of paint for parts of the house that are durable and always beautiful over time.