Different Types of Apartment in the Market

Living in an apartment with a strategic location is an ideal choice to get more mobility in urban areas. With plenty of choices and several types of apartments that exist, you need to choose the most compatible apartment that suits your budget.

modern living interior design. 3d rendering concept apartment type, tipe apartemen di pasar properti indonesia
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Looking for a new house to settle in that fits our needs might sound simple; we know the rough criteria of the property that we want. However, the reality might not be that simple! Unlike types of houses that are categorized based on building size and land size, apartment units are categorized based on their floor plan. Here are several types of apartment units that are commonly seen in the housing market!

modern living interior design. 3d rendering concept apartment type, tipe apartemen di pasar properti indonesia

1. Studio Apartment

A studio apartment is one of the types that have the highest sales and is commonly seen in any apartment buildings, especially in areas with high population density. This type of apartment consists of one big room with no walls separating the kitchen, common area, and bedroom. With one separate bathroom, studio apartments usually have an area of 30 sqm.

2. Convertible Apartment

Not much different from studio apartments, this convertible type also has one open area with one bathroom. The differentiating feature in this type of apartment is they are big enough to have a partition that gives separation between the common area and a more private area that is often used as a bedroom. This type of apartment offers a little more privacy for the owner compared to regular studio apartments.

3. Alcove Apartment

Another rendition of the regular studio apartment is Alcove type. With an ‘L’ shape floor plan, Alcove apartments offer the most privacy to the limited available space. The overhanging area is usually used as a bedroom or walk-in closet. With a unique floor plan, the Alcove type allows the residents more space to decorate their space.

Modern bedroom on mezzanine in loft style apartment with big window and brick wall, tipe apartment di pasar properti indonesia

4. Loft Apartment

Loft-type apartments have gained more popularity in the last year, especially among younger house hunters. With a simple floor plan and high ceiling, loft-type apartments are easier to decorate and designed to look aesthetically pleasing. The possibilities are endless! This apartment is basically a studio apartment with an extra ceiling space that’s turned into an open attic which can be used as a bedroom, workspace,  or extra storage space.

5. 1/2/3 Bedroom Apartment

As the name suggests, this apartment type is classified based on the number of bedrooms. 1 BR means one bedroom, 2 BR two bedrooms, and so on. This type of apartment plan resembles a landed house because it has rooms separated by walls.

One of the terms that are often seen for these types is the addition of +1 or +2 (for example type 2+1 BR), which indicates an additional area with a separate bedroom and bathroom for the residents’ household assistants.

6. Penthouse

This type is already well-known as the most luxurious apartment type, which is usually located on the highest floor and has a variety of personal facilities, such as a private lift, 180° views, and spacious units. Having a penthouse apartment or penthouse certainly gives its own prestige to its owners.

modern living interior design. 3d rendering concept apartment type, tipe apartemen di pasar properti indonesia

After knowing the different types of apartments available in the Indonesian property market, now is the time to make the right choice for you and your family! Don’t forget to check other things that may affect your lifestyle when moving to a new place!