5 Reasons Why Your Hometown Is the Best Place to Invest

Our hometown is filled with memories of playing in the field, close to nature. Now, it is transformed into roads and modern buildings

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One of the most important factors to invest in real estate is location — is your hometown might actually be the best place to invest?

It sure can be overwhelming when we are choosing the right property to invest in real estate and the decision of where to do it is hard considering all the variables that come with it. As you go through this process of deciding on a place to invest, we will break down the number of reasons why your hometown might be the best place to invest in property. Read along!

alasan investasi di kampung halaman menguntungkan, reasons why property investment in hometown, Indonesia hometown property investment

You get to stay close to home

When we think about houses we would like to buy, we often think about neighbourhoods and cities that we love and feel welcome in. It is hard to beat the feeling of having your feet firmly established in the place that you were raised and lived most likely through your whole childhood too. 

If you are preparing to buy a home and invest either for short-term vacation homes or long-term rentals, think about purchasing a property in a city you are familiar with—and what better place than to invest in your hometown?

You are familiar with the area

Choosing the right investment property, you will need to consider many things including the location. By investing in your hometown, you will be able to use your local knowledge of the in and out, as well as connections to assist you in finding the most lucrative investments.

It will also be easier for you to find out the market price, the amount of rent the potential tenant will be willing to pay according to the market, and how much equity you can gain because of the familiarity you have with your hometown area. Remember, the key to successful property investment is that you need to know the market well.

Higher returns compared to the big city

Small towns often get overlooked when it comes to investing. Many people flock to big cities because “that is where the money is.” That thinking usually leads them down a road of risky investments in higher-risk stocks. 

Truth is, if you want to make a solid investment with real estate, smaller towns should be your pick. Also, knowing house prices in small towns are so much lower because of the less competition among buyers, therefore investing in your hometown will give you higher returns compared to investing in a property in a larger city.

alasan investasi di kampung halaman menguntungkan, reasons why property investment in hometown, Indonesia hometown property investment

Less competition

As mentioned before, the reason why real estate prices are lower in a smaller town is that there is less competition in the market — including competition against other real estate investors. In the past few years, housing prices have gone up in most of the big cities in the country. In some cases, new homes are being sold for double or even triple their original price.

So what will happen if you are investing in your hometown? You will be one of the very few real estate investors that could benefit from property investing without worrying about losing the bids to other investors in town.

New infrastructure development

There has been a rapid growth of residential developments over the past few years—not only in the major cities but also in the rural areas. With more housing being built, new infrastructure developments are also starting to take their place, from toll roads to public mass transport facilities.

That being said, people are starting to find promising opportunities and consider smaller towns as a viable place for people to invest in property.


Your hometown can be the best place for you to begin your property investment since you know the area and the people. With less competition in the market, there will also be a noticeable lower risk compared to investing in some major cities where this can lead to an increase in returns.