Tangerang Regency

South Tangerang, Indonesia

An industrial centre area, where the industrial sector absorbs more jobs than other sectors.

The lifestyle in Tangerang regency tends to be more dynamic, so are the art and culture that are very much appreciated.

The property market in Tangerang Regency is showing a promising trend, as the property demand continues to increase.





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    A regency situated in the Tatar Pasundan region, Banten Province, Indonesia. Tangerang Regency is divided into 29 sub-districts (kecamatan), 28 wards (kelurahan), and 246 villages (desa). Tangerang Regency is one of the buffer areas for the capital city of Jakarta, Tangerang Regency has a fairly dense population. Where it is directly rateable due to the regency that keeps on developing.

    Warm view in the afternoon. BSD, South Tangerang

    Along with the property demand that is continuing to increase, the current property market in Tangerang Regency is showing a promising trend, more particularly in the Alam Sutera area. With the location of the regency that is relatively close to the capital Jakarta but the housing market price is relatively low compared to the city capital, it is making the regency gaining a lot of housing demand in the market. 

    photo of light trails south Tangerang City, Banten province at night using a drone, taking pictures of the mayor's office of south tangerang with the background of the highway Pamulang 2

    Soekarno-Hatta International airport is located in this area, which resulted in the rapid growth of the infrastructures in Tangerang. From highways that lead to different areas in Jakarta, commuter lines,  airport trains, to intercity busses, you could easily find a way to transport to different areas in Jabodetabek. Tangerang is also renowned for its industrial area, therefore many people from the logistics industry and factory workers prefer to live in Tangerang.

    South Tangerang City, Indonesia - October 31, 2020: A cute spot in the middle of the city with American vintage vibes.

    Tangerang Regency