Surabaya Regency

Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia


What to expect

Unpretentious city that is bustling with more than 6 million residents in the metropolitan area where local tradition and city life merge in harmony. Surabaya is the 2nd largest city in Indonesia.

The lifestyle

Expect to see a more traditional and laid-back environment while still enjoying the city life with more open space and parks to wind down after a hectic day.

The Market

Most houses in Surabaya have traditional and contemporary designs, especially in urban areas. There are several new housing estates in Sidoarjo Regency that are suitable for young families.



No. of Households


Avg. House Price


Average Age




Juanda International Airport Icon 136min Icon 1hr 47min
Tanjung Perak Harbor Icon -148min Icon 1hr

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    The Neighbourhood

    Located in the eastern part of Java Island, Surabaya is the second-largest city in Indonesia. Though many people come to this city mainly for business, this city is also popular for tourists’ transit spots before hiking to Mount Bromo or heading to Bali via boat.


    Despite being a city with high foreign exposures from tourists and migrants, the city that is also known as ‘Kota Pahlawan’ (City of Heroes) still kept its traditional values. From their accent, language, and city attributes, you’ll find numerous traditional references spreading across the city.

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    Surabaya is one of the cleanest cities in Indonesia, it can be seen from the existence of shades from city parks in almost every corner of the city which are equipped with beautiful fountains. In 2013, Surabaya received the 2013 Asian Townscape Award from the United Nations as the best park in Asia because of the complete and integrated facilities, namely from the economic area (SME center), green open areas, parks, disability areas, free internet (Wi-Fi ), as well as a good garden setting.


    The city has won many awards in the field of environment and city planning both on a national and international scale. Awards that have been successfully received by Surabaya include four prestigious national awards and several international awards such as the Lee Kuan Yew City Prize.

    Neighbourhoods in Surabaya Regency

    Other neighbourhoods coming soon