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What to expect

A bustling business and industrial city of Central Java in Indonesia.

The lifestyle

A few stylish venues like bars and cafes have sprung up, mainly caters to the young population.

The Market

With new housing development being built, the demand for houses for sale in Semarang increases every year.



No. of households


Avg. House Price


Average Age

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    The Neighborhood

    Lies on the northern coast of the island of Java, Semarang is the capital city of Central Java Province, Indonesia. The city is considered to be a mega-urban area on the island of Java. Apart from being the central business district and industrial city in Central Java, Semarang has a lot of historical stories due to its historic role as a port city going all the way back before colonial times. suasana kota semarang, tempat wisata sam po kong, ragam budaya kota semarang, culture in semarang, semarang tourist destination The city is essentially divided into two parts. Semarang Bawah, the heart of the city where the action and modern life happens, and Kota Lama (Old Town) where the old Dutch colonial-era architectural buildings reside. Semarang today is considered to be one of the developing cities on the Island of Java. With the new toll roads being built all around Semarang, it has become the main factor causing the increase of property sale business in Semarang while making the city grow rapidly as per economic aspect. The newly built city’s infrastructure also boosted the selling price of houses for sale in Semarang. collonial building in old town semarang, bangunan gaya kolonial di kota lama semarang Above all that, aside from a fast-paced business district Semarang also carries an exotic and laid-back island life preserved in Karimunjawa, a cluster of 27 islands in the Java sea, nested just as far as 90 kilometers up north from Semarang. The island is a charm of the marine flora and fauna, from a kaleidoscope of tropical fish among coral reefs to the birds that enlace the sky above.

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