padang river, sungai di padang


Marina & Maritim Bay Center, Padang


What to expect

Acclaimed to be the dwelling for the legendary Indonesian cuisine, Padang cuisine. Expect an authentic local food scene here and there, as well as a tropical rainforest climate, where there is always a high chance of rain throughout the year.

The lifestyle

Amid being surrounded by old and traditional buildings, there are some modern shopping malls that are within reach in the city, as well as the new and upcoming ones.

The market

The property market in Padang shows a promising prospect with up to 5% rises per year on average. House property is considered to be affordable for most people compared to other big cities in Indonesia.



No. of households


Avg. house price


Avg. age

Grand Mosque of West Sumatra, Masjid Raya Sumatera Barat, biggest mosque Sumatra



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    The Neighborhood

    Padang, a coastal city located on the opposite of the Indian Ocean is the largest city on the western coast of Sumatra Island and home to the most admirable local culinary scene known as Padang cuisine. With its rich flavours and spices used for the dish, it is no secret that the scrumptious Padang cuisine is what most attracts the international world to visit Padang. landmark in padang sidempuan, padang city landmark, But not only that, Padang is known to be the stopover to the tropical Mentawai Islands that are located off the western coast of Sumatra as well as the gateway to the Minang highlands⁠—a mountainous area surrounded by overflowing fresh water, fertile soil, a cool climate, and valuable type of produce. padang river, sungai di padang Unlike any other big city, Padang carries an exotic natural beauty from beaches, lakes, forests, to waterfalls. Living in Padang means you will be surrounded by lush greens and nature, and you should expect a tropical rainforest climate, where there is always a high chance of rain throughout the year.

    Area di Padang

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