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Jesus Christ Blessing Statue, Toraja


What to expect

Manado, the capital of North Sulawesi province, has been classified as a city with a tourist and processing industry in order to preserve its unique local culture.

The lifestyle

Manado's environment is usually vibrant as the city's hub, with its active population. Along with its permanent residents, there are numerous migrants from outside the area who fill the city center with marine or culinary tourism activities.

The Market

Influenced by prestige and a luxurious lifestyle, it is an indication of the interest of Manado residents to buy property. Besides having a potential apartment market, Manado also has a landed house market with significant growth.



No. of Households


Avg. House Price


Average Age

Panorama of Manado City



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    The Neighbourhood

    As a metropolitan city, Manado is considered to have an expensive cost of living with the 3rd highest UMP (Provincial Minimum Wage) in Indonesia. The rental price for boarding houses ranges from IDR 500,000 – 1,000,000. Even so, the price of one serving of food in Manado is still around Rp. 10,000-20,000, so it is still within reasonable limits and is profitable for tourists or newcomers to the city. Not only the modern lifestyle, some Manado residents still practice the traditional Minahasa way of life. The livelihoods of the people of Manado are mostly carried out on sea and land such as fisheries and animal husbandry.

    street in Manado, colonial style building in Manado, jalan di kota Manado, bangunan kolonial Manado

    Manado City is also well-known for marine tourism, which preserves the beauty of varied marine biota for fans of aquatic sports like diving and snorkeling. Many senior folks, in addition to the trendy young people, are fashionable and active. Manado City, which has retail complexes along the shore, is a shopping and leisure heaven that should not be missed. In addition, the government’s five-year initiative resulted in the construction of several condotel units, shopping complexes, hotels, and offices. The combination of this massive development also helps strengthen the trend of the property market in Manado. Dubbed as the ‘Rio de Janeiro of Indonesia’, Manado City has many churches that can be found across the city. Uniquely, each church has the peculiarities of each structure, attracting more tourists to visit the place of worship.

    Neighbourhoods in Manado

    Other neighbourhoods coming soon