What Your House Needs for Better Air Circulation

The best house for us is one that can promote the health of its residents while making them feel comfortable staying inside.

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One way to do it is to improve the natural air circulation in the house for our body and house’s health. A house with good air circulation can also prevent dirt accumulation, fungi, and germs at bay, which can cause harm to the house’s structures and our body.

So if you need to increase air circulation at home, keep reading the following article!

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  • Creating a wide and tall window in a high position

Generally, having big windows in high places will allow a lot of air into the house. In addition, windows with a minimum height of 1 metre can also help move the air in the room so that hot air is released from the ceiling.

  • Applying a convective air movement system

A convective air system uses temperature differences by moving hot air – that is on top – outside, so cooler air from the bottom can rise. The application of convective air movement will also naturally provide a cool breeze in the room.

ceiling fan for air circulation, kipas angin plafon untuk perputaran udara

  • Install a ceiling fanĀ 

Installing a ceiling fan can support good air circulation in the house. Even with a low speed, this fan can expel warm air near the ceiling to provide good upward airflow. Using a ceiling fan is also very economical compared to installing an air conditioner.

  • Creating cross ventilation

Cross ventilation is a solution to optimise airflow inside the house. This ventilation system opens opposite sides of a house, therefore the air could run both ways into a house, flowing in and out to maintain its quality properly. As it cannot be installed carelessly, we must always communicate this system with the architect when building a house to work optimally.

air humidifier for air circulation, pelembab udara untuk perputaran udara

  • Using an air humidifier

Gaining more popularity during the pandemic, more people now have air humidifiers at home. A humidifier is proven to increase the humidity in the house. Even if the doors and windows are often closed, the humidity level inside the room will be maintained. Air humidifier is also beneficial for people with allergies, asthma, and sinuses.

  • Installing exhaust fan

Widely applied in the kitchen, exhaust fans can also help promote good air circulation in other rooms in your house. Exhaust fans not only work to remove unpleasant odours in the room. Similar to ceiling fans, exhaust fans move the hot air in the ceiling and replace it with fresh air from outside. The exhaust fan is easy to install as long as we have access to the ceiling cavity.

With a few changes, we can get a house with good ventilation, and at the same time save energy because we no longer need to use the air conditioner as often!