Top 5 Local Online Furniture Stores

Buying homewares online might be overwhelming with the numerous available choices, however, you might find beautiful homewares from local brands that you may never heard before.

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Going shopping for furniture in a physical store sure is exciting—sitting on tons of sofa, touching different fabric materials, mixing and matching decorations—nothing can beat the experience of furniture shopping in a brick-and-mortar store. However, during a pandemic, we may not have the freedom to go to public places. We don’t have any other choice than to buy furniture online.

Buying homewares online might be overwhelming with the numerous available choices, however, you might find beautiful homewares from local brands that you may never hear of before.

Here is our list of the 5 best local online furniture stores!

1. Fabelio

Fabelio has become one of the household names among Indonesians when it comes to online furniture stores, it’s the local’s IKEA only without Swedish meatballs. With a wide selection of products for bedroom, living room, and decorations, Fabelio presents premium quality furniture from the best wood selection made by local craftsmen.

By combining a modern and minimalist accent, each product from Fabelio has an aesthetic aspect that will give your home warmth and functionality in simplicity. Fabelio also offers interior design solutions for homes and businesses through Fabelio Projects.

IG: @fabelio
WA: +62 822 6033 3593

2. Ruparupa

There’s nothing you can’t find at Ruparupa. Unlike the other websites that’s on this list, Ruparupa is closer to eCommerce rather than an online store. Presenting products from Indonesia’s homeware store giants, Informa, Ace Hardware, Krisbow, Toys Kingdom, Pet Kingdom, and other stores under Kawan Lama Group.

Ruparupa is a one-stop-solution for every house necessities. If you want something in particular, Ruparupa probably has it, and at a competitive price to top it off. From picture frames, kitchenware, bathtub, to electric chainsaw, you can find it here!

IG: @ruparupacom
Call Center: +62 21 2967 0706

3. Dekoruma

Adopting the Japandi concept (Japanese & Scandinavian), Dekoruma offers an essential lifestyle concept that focuses on meeting the necessities of living and efficiency. Japandi’s simple and functional design can also accommodate every activity of its users to get a better quality of life. Most of the products in Dekoruma use natural materials such as wood, clay, and rattan, and soft materials like linens and cotton. Combined with soft colours such as white, cream, and grey, furniture pieces from Dekoruma display a clean and bright impression.

Dekoruma living

Just like Fabelio, Dekoruma offers an interior design service where they would help you achieve synchronisation in every room in your house, from the coffee table in your living room to the wall art hanging in your dining room will be displayed in perfect harmony.

IG: @dekoruma
Call Center: +62 21 8068 1223

4. Nagarey

Nagarey logo

If you’ve been dreaming of filling your house with unique pieces like raw materials and handmade home décor, Nagarey could be your answer. With 28 years of experience in interior design, Nagarey has filled numerous hotels, restaurants, and co-working spaces around the world with beautiful furniture from Indonesia.

Prioritizing sustainability in each piece of their concept, Nagarey products are unique and eclectic, perfect for those who prefer the rustic yet homey style.

IG: @nagarey
WA: +62 812 9906 9458

5. Vivere

If you feel like minimalistic and rustic doesn’t suit your style, you should head to Vivere. This local furniture store is often mistaken as a brand from overseas since they adopted contemporary and luxurious design on their products. This brand is famous for its soft furnishings and designer homewares.

Not only soft and comfortable sofas, chairs, and beds, Vivere also offers a wide range of home décor and even gift sets. This brand will surely give an elegant yet comfortable touch to your home.

IG: @viverecollection
Customer Care: +62 21 5366 7890

When you buy furniture for your home that you’re planning on using for a long time, you need to take several accounts into consideration. Starting from the unchangeable factors such as the size of your house and the colour of other furniture that you already own, to factors that you need to look out for such as durability, comfort, function, to the material. These seven aspects should be the deciding factors when you’re buying new furniture. So don’t impulsively buy furniture based on your emotion, take your time before you make your decision.