The Pros and Cons of Eco-Friendly Prefab Housing

Is the popular Prefabricated House is suitable to build in Indonesia? Find out the Pros & Cons in this article!

prefab housing di indonesia kelebihan dan kekurangan rumah jadi pros and cons
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Are you looking for an authentic eco-friendly home at a low cost? Maybe it is time to start looking into prefab houses.

In general, prefab houses are also called modular houses because they consist of manufactured components or factory-assembled into modular panels. The finished modules are then brought to the building site to be compiled and made according to the existing design concept. Prefabs are now widely used in a variety of building settings ranging from cafes to office buildings. Did this brief pique your interest? Let’s look at the benefits and disadvantages of prefab houses!

bahan rumah prefabrication material house in indonesia pros and cons

The Benefits of Prefabricated Houses

1. Simple and faster to make

One of the benefits of prefab houses that property buyers are looking for is the short construction time with its simple materials. Prefab houses are built entirely in a factory, from the design or model to the manufacturing of house components. Only after this stage is complete, the components will be moved and arranged at the site location.

2. Energy-saving and environment friendly

When it comes to reducing our carbon footprint, prefab houses may be the answer we are looking for. In addition to producing less waste compared to normal house construction, prefab houses can be equipped with solar panels which are beneficial for our monthly bill as well as the environment.

3. Affordable development costs

Since they are factory-made, the manufacturers are able to know exactly how much of the material they need to use for each project. The price of prefabricated houses is usually calculated per square meter, lower by half than the price of a conventional house and the waste can be reduced to its minimum.

4. Earthquake Resistant

Despite the fact that they are built with a modular system and seem frail, prefab houses are more earthquake-resistant than traditional houses. The structure of the prefab house is made of lightweight steel that is bonded to each other making it more shock resistant than heavy materials used in conventional houses.

membangun rumah prefab siap jadi kelebihan dan kekurangan prefabrication house di indonesia

The Drawbacks of Prefabricated Houses

1. Locations limitations

Before owning a prefab house, make sure you are going to live in the area permanently. Aside from the fact that not many cities and neighborhoods have granted permits for the construction of prefabricated houses, we may face difficulties with size and material restrictions, as well as land agreements.

2. Limited to renovation

Because it was built in a factory, prefab house owners may find it difficult to renovate and tweak the design. We can only request the finishing touches of the house such as colors, materials for doors and cabinets, even equipment packages, but the size and shape of the house are limited to be customized.

membuat rumah prefab di indonesia kelebihan dan kekurangan making prefabrication house pros and cons

3. Additional expenses

There are several costs to consider before building a prefabricated house such as the cost of buying land and the cost of soil testing. If the land doesn’t have local sewerage, we might have to install a septic system, plumbing, electricity, gas and cables by ourselves.

4. It may be much more difficult to sell.

Another risk of having a prefab house is that it will have a lower selling value than a conventional house. The facts also related to the community’s perception of the quality and temporary nature of prefab houses which we can not avoid at this moment.

membangun rumah prefab siap jadi kelebihan dan kekurangan prefabrication house di indonesia

With the rising popularity and higher demand, developers are now offering the concept of prefab houses as an alternative place to live. Therefore, we have to do a lot of research and information to find the best developer specifically dealing with prefab houses. So, always do your research first, Locals!