Small Kitchen Design Tips: How to Make the Most of a Tiny Kitchen

If you live in a small space or you have decided to go small, you may find it challenging when it comes to building and designing a small kitchen space to be functional. While it…

small kitchen design desain dapur kecil untuk rumah mungil for tiny house
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If you live in a small space or you have decided to go small, you may find it challenging when it comes to building and designing a small kitchen space to be functional. While it might be a challenge, it is not completely impossible. You can still make your tiny kitchen work regardless of how much space you have to spare.

In fact, designing and building a functional and gorgeous minimalist kitchen is all about understanding the principles of space management—it is important that you use every inch of your kitchen space wisely—without needing to sacrifice the beauty of how you want your small and minimalist kitchen space to be.

Lokalist have collected some small kitchen build and design hacks to help you bring off a functional small kitchen and have tons of fun cooking, read along!

small modern kitchen design tips, menyusun dapur kecil di rumah mungil

Maximise your storage space

A tiny kitchen does not have to feel cramped and you do not have to give up the space you need to move around. When you are working and building a tiny kitchen, remember that proper planning is critical. There are all sorts of ways that you can do this, from squeezing in storage units that have been custom made to fit into your wall units, to using all of the cupboards and closets, and keeping them organized with your tools and gear.

Do not assume that you need every kind of kitchen appliance and put them all in there if you are planning to build a tiny kitchen. Think about what you really need and what can go away, because there is nothing worse than having a cluttered tiny kitchen space. So be super organised in your kitchen area, including the things inside your cabinet and let there be no clutter. 

Design the layout of your kitchen wisely

  • U-shaped

U-shaped kitchens make a smart design choice when trying to make a tiny kitchen feel larger than it really is. A U-shaped tiny kitchen also provides you with flexibility and functionality, therefore allowing you to have more room and space to move around.

  • L-shaped

L-shaped kitchen layouts are amongst the most popular choices for building and designing a tiny kitchen. The L-shaped kitchen layout is ideal for small kitchens due to the efficient way it handles a space, by letting you use every corner of your wall instead of paving them over. 

Choose the right colour palette

To avoid a tiny kitchen feeling overwhelmed with your interior decor, you need to choose your colours carefully to make it feel more open and spacious. Opt for earthy tones and neutral colours if you want to keep your interior design minimal or paint your tiny kitchen in white to increase the sense of space.

Keep in mind, light colours reflect light, therefore making your tiny kitchen feel open, airy, and bigger. So avoid colours like red, orange, or lemon green that will make your tiny kitchen feel small and jam-packed.

Foldable furniture is your best friend

Building and designing a tiny kitchen does not mean you have to struggle with space. Simple solutions are always the best. From convertible tables to expandable storage, foldable furniture is a space saver that you have to look up to when it comes to building and designing your tiny kitchen space. 

small kitchen design tips for tiny home, desain dapur mungil untuk rumah minimalis

Remember, windows play a huge role

Add a window installed in your tiny kitchen. Because a tiny kitchen can be made bigger in one simple fix—natural light. When you let natural light in, it will work to tricking your eyes—making your tiny space appear larger than it actually is. Or, you can also consider adding skylights if a window does not seem to fit it perfectly into your tiny kitchen.

Large floor tiles for a larger feel

Size does matter, especially when you want to create an illusion of a bigger space for your tiny kitchen. Large tiles will give the impression of a larger kitchen and a more open feel—at the same time modern look.

Working with a small kitchen does not have to be a pain to work in and. All you need for an efficient tiny kitchen is the right layout, colour palette and a simple yet multi-functional furniture for a lighter feel. Remember, when you are building a tiny kitchen, you have to keep in mind that having good ventilation is very important.

A great functional kitchen does not have to be big, but it has to be “organized” and “thought out” as well as having a place for everything and “everything in its place.