Home vs. Apartment: Which one should you get?

When choosing whether to live in an apartment or house, the best thing to do is to weigh the pros and cons.

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When choosing whether to live in an apartment or house, the best thing to do is to weigh the pros and cons. You might discover something you haven’t thought about, that will help in making decisions.

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Pros and Cons of Living in a House

Are you just having a new family that’s looking for a home for your growing family? Then an independent house is perfect for you!

This type of house could be in the form of a townhouse, cluster, detached house, or semi-detached house. Here are the pros and cons of having a house as your first property


  • Buying a house also means buying a land
    If you’re looking to invest in a piece of land in addition to owning a home, then you should buy a house instead of an apartment. Homeowners would feel more at ease since they have both a house ownership certificate and a land ownership certificate.
  • Capital Growth Prospect
    Buying a house does have an advantage in the long-term. As the price of land keeps increasing every year, a house is a better investment choice. In case you want to be a property investor, a house will give you more benefits in terms of property value and property price.
  • Larger personal space
    If you’re the type of person who values privacy and freedom, getting a house is an ideal choice. You don’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbours with the noise your pets make. You could also have your own garage and extra parking spaces for when you invite friends over.

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  • More in Control
    With an independent house, you have the freedom to renovate however you want. Moreover, if you managed to buy a house with a garden, you could plant flowers and trees that will make your house feel breezier. In addition, you can also control your electricity and water according to your needs.


  • More maintenance
    Living in a house that has a lot of space, will make you spend extra effort and also money to care for it. Starting from cleaning the rooms, gardening, to taking care of leaking and plumbing problems. You also have to take care of lots of bills by yourself, from water, electricity, security and neighbour contribution, to maintenance fee.
  • Location
    A sizable house in the heart of the city will cost you a fortune. This is among the reasons why most people with high mobility prefer to buy an apartment that’s located in the city.
  • Newer residential real estates are usually built on the outskirts of the city, away from the city centre and workplaces. If your office is in the city centre, you may have to drive or take crowded public transportation every day to work.
  • Price
    The obvious weakness of a house is the higher property price when compared to an apartment in the same location. You can take a home loan or KPR where you might take forever to pay off the mortgage.

Pros and Cons of Apartment Living

Apartment buildings, apartment complexes, condos, and flats are considered to be vertical houses. Buying an apartment has become a trend for millennials in recent years. They sacrifice space and privacy for convenience and other benefits.

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  • Location
    Apartments are usually located in strategic places, which is ideal for people with high mobility, especially in Jakarta. With the development of LRT and MRT, numerous developers build Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) that’s integrated with commuter lines, MRT and LRT. This makes mobility even easier for those who live in apartments.
  • Facilities
    Apartments are suitable for practical lifestyle since all facilities related to building maintenance will be the responsibility of the manager. You don’t have to be bothered by various bills or contacting a handyman yourself. All utility bills and any maintenance bills will be charged every month by the building management. Apartment owners only need to pay the service charge.
  • Other perks
    Living in an apartment are the security and amenities offered to residents. Apartment complexes, especially the newer ones, frequently have numerous modern features such as smart home systems, fitness areas, swimming pools, laundry services, and other amenities.
  • Price
    If you’re tight on budget, you may want to consider buying an apartment. Apartments are considerably cheaper than buying a house because you don’t have to pay for additional space and utilities. Depending on your financial situation, you could get an in-house loan or apartment loan from banks, or also known as Kredit Pemilikan Apartemen (KPA).


  • Maintenance fee
    In contrast to independent houses where you can control the number of bills, in an apartment, all utility and maintenance fees are carried out by the apartment management. This includes body corporate fees, higher utility bills, and any ongoing costs that could be fairly high every month. You need to put it into your consideration when deciding between apartment or house options.
  • Privacy & freedom
    If you’re concerned about privacy, apartment living might not be suitable for you. Apartment complexes have multiple residents living on one lot, only separated by thin walls and you have to share common spaces with your neighbours.
  • Less space
    Another disadvantage for an apartment is the limited living space and inability to be developed in size according to your needs. Apartment complexes sometimes also don’t even offer adequate parking space for their tenants. Finding a parking space could be a hassle, especially when you have friends over.
  • Legality
    The legality of apartment ownership is more complex than an independent house. Based on the ownership of the land, the apartments are classified into State-Owned Land, Freehold Land, and Developer Owned Land. That way, apartment owners only get Rights to Building (Hak Guna Bangunan or HGB), which validity period is only up to 20 years. If the HGB period expires, the owner of the unit can renew the certificate which requires a considerable amount of money to process.

Whether it’s a house or an apartment, purchasing your first property is a huge step and is considered one of the biggest accomplishments in life. Remember that it is an investment that could turn into profit in the long run. Do not rush in making this decision, weigh out all of the pros, cons, and future probabilities before buying!