Home Design Trends That Will Take Off in 2021

While we are all mostly tucked away in our home in 2020—our relationship with our dwellings has changed.

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While we are all mostly tucked away in our home in 2020—our relationship with our dwellings has changed. During the pandemic, our home has been the place where we do most of everything and anything—and it is most likely that we are still unable to leave the house anytime soon, so it would make sense for us to invest in making our home a more functional, also comfortable place for us to be in. As we are closing our home design book for 2020, we are all excited to start fresh and anew with the new design trends coming in 2021.

Warm minimalism is expected to make its entrance and soar for home design 2021—where it introduces a warm and cosy design element to less-is-more space.

1. A Full Chef’s Kitchen

Open kitchen, kitchen space, chef's kitchen

Full kitchen space in modern home


Kitchen is the heart of a home—and since the pandemic, many picked up cooking or baking as a new hobby. So it is no surprise that there has been a boom of kitchen renovations and makeovers, and when it comes to kitchen design trends in 2021, a full chef’s kitchen with stylish design and top-notch appliances can take your home kitchen skills up to a whole new level.

2. Indoor gardens

Indoor plants, modern home, indoor garden, living room

Modern scandinavian interior of living room with design grey sofa, armchair, a lot of plants, coffee table, carpet and personal accessories in cozy home decor. Template.


The range of pandemic has really affected many of us in so many ways, that includes intakes of our daily dose of nature—for that, the only way to get our intakes of nature is to bring the outdoors inside with natural ingredients and houseplants. Whereby actually, indoor plants have the benefits to improve both our mental and physical health. Aside from that, indoor plants bring out life and beauty to a space.

3. Home offices

Modern office, home office, modern home office

Modern computer on table in office interior. Stylish workplace


We all have been in a situation where we need to hop into a zoom call meeting when the room is looking nothing less than a shipwreck. That is why this situation has inspired home designers enthusiasts that home offices are a major design trend in 2021 and will continue to grow within the next few years. Besides, a designated space for office space will be more likely to support the atmosphere of a professional and personal space.

4. Muted Tones with Sustainable Elements

Stylish Modern Living Room, sustainable material

Stylish and modern boho interior of living room with mock up photo frames, flowers in vase, wooden desk, beige macrame and elegant accessories. Design home decor. Bohemian concept. Mockup ready to use


This year’s colour for a home design is rather minimal, subtle, and muted. We will see more colours than we generally see in a minimalist design like white, cream, beige, and other earthy and warm colours that are widely considered this year. With a combination of jute, oak, and linen with materials that are sustainable and eco-friendly.

5. Minimalist-Industrial Home

Industrial Home, Modern Home, Minimalist

Posters on grey wall above wooden desk with computer monitor in modern workspace interior with plants


Soft minimalism indeed goes really well with the industrial design style and is becoming the latest home trend in interior design. Industrial decor is simple yet edgy, and the colours used in this style are neutral and earthy shades which also complement minimalist home decor. Industrial home design is represented by the open-plan concept, the use of metal, brick, concrete, and wood.

6. Open Plan Concept

Open home concept, spacious room, modern home

Big windows in spacious open plan house interior


To simply describe an open plan, it is where multiple rooms are merged into one large floorplan. So instead of using walls to separate rooms—an open plan concept uses furniture as a room divider. The open concept also enforces the togetherness of multiple spaces in a way that it creates more space and also trick a small room to feel bigger. This year, the open plan concept is becoming a big design hit as this type of floor plan allows flexibility of function.

7. All About Natural Materials

Modern home design, natural furniture

Modern design home interior of living room with wooden commode, design black armchair, tropical leafs and elegant accessories. Stylish home decor. Mock up abstract paintings on the wall. Template.


With the neutral and muted colours that are happening in the 2021 design trend—natural materials like stone and wood will give a high-end effect to the interior of a home that will never go out of style. Aside from that, both materials are the perfect combinations that are cosy that it is impossible to slip upon them.

8. Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

Floor to Ceiling Windows, Modern Home, Big Window

Modern home with floor-to-ceiling windows


This year’s modern houses are very much into a floor-to-ceiling window upgrade. This window is the greatest way to make your home feel more open, airy, and to achieve a more elegant home design. The wide window can bring in the outside environment inside as this particular floor-to-ceiling window is able to combine the outside nature to the inside of your home. Also, this kind of window will brighten a room even more.

All in all, interior design trends in 2021 is all about minimalism and less-is-more. We are going to expect a home that is filled with warm and comforting design while bringing in the greenery and natural materials indoors. Generally, interior design trends that we are expecting this year will all be about keeping us with the need for our homes to be our safety nest where we hassle on our daily routine.