Gardening tips For Newlyweds, New Hobby for You and Partner

Once a hype on the early days of the pandemic, gardening is proven to be the new romantic activity to do with your partner even in 2022!

gardening for newlyweds
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Not only enjoyable, but gardening also turns out to be a romantic remedy to do with your partner! As one of the productive activities you can do at home, gardening is a good exercise to improve physical and mental health. Gardening may also provide a sense of shared success within a couple, which can keep your relationship exciting.

If you are interested in starting a simple house garden with your partner, let’s take a peek at gardening tips for beginners below!

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1. Choose plants that you like and are easy to care for

From your favorite fruit, fragrant flowers, or easy-to-care plants like spinach and cactus, always choose the type of plant that you like to start with. After getting used to it, it will be easy to be attracted to adding more collections of other plant variations. Here is a list of plants that are perfect for beginners!

2. Choose an area with sufficient sunray

Getting enough sunshine is essential for plants to thrive. Ideally, being exposed to sunlight for at least three to six hours a day is optimum for plants to be nourished and grow optimally. In addition to windows or house fences, we can also create a roof garden on our rooftop.

gardening for newlyweds, tips berkebun, pasangan rumah baru, hobi pasangan baru, berkebun bersama pasangan

3. Create a design plan

Even if you are a beginner, gardening at home is not an excuse to give the impression of being dirty and messy. Create your own aesthetics of your home garden, by planning a neat design on paper or using an application to make the planning ahead before putting any plants.

4. Prepare a suitable planting media

As a beginner, polybag is a go-to option planting medium to help us take care of plants with ease. Polybags are not only convenient, but they also conserve water and fertilizer and are cheaper than using pots.

5. Treat with care

After the plants are planted, make sure you and your partner schedule time to care for them on a regular basis. In addition to giving sufficient air and sunlight, take notes on its sanitation, and use fertilizers to combat pests and weeds that interfere with plant growth.

Despite the fact that there is a lot to prepare, gardening is an excellent opportunity to explore and try new things. Most plants start from shoots that can be uprooted and replanted. Don’t be scared to give it a go, and don’t forget to tell us about your gardening adventures!