A Safe and Reliable Process of Buying and Selling A House

Not sure on what payment method to choose when buying your first property? Here are several ways you can choose to safely purchase a house!

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Aside from the fact that the process of purchasing a house is not easy, the cost also can not be considered as a cheap one. Doing careful and precise steps is necessary. To avoid making the wrong decision, it is important to examine the best option to buy a house including understanding all the ways of paying. Consider the best approach to buy a house with this knowledge!

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Hard Cash

Buying with cash or hard cash is the best way. Although this means that we have to prepare a lot of funds at the beginning of the purchase, cash payments have a number of advantages such as being free from debt obligations and can be used as collateral for credit directly to the bank.

Cash Installment

Broadly speaking, the payment method is almost the same as cash payment but is carried out in stages every month over a certain period of time. You could say this method of payment is a combination of cash payment methods and mortgages with a shorter period of time.

The cash installment payment method is usually carried out between the buyer and the developer, so it is important to choose a developer who is trusted and also has a good reputation. In addition to preparing a booking fee, it is important to agree on a Pre-Sales and Purchase Agreement or PPJB which contains building specifications, purchase price, number of installments per month, payment time, and house construction time. After payment, only then can we get a deed of sale to take care of Land and Building Tax, Value Added Tax, and so on.


This way of purchasing may be quite attractive to millennials to get their dream house. The mortgage buying system only requires to pay installments of the desired property for a certain period of time with a smaller nominal range.


Many mortgage systems in Indonesia are sponsored by well-known banks. All we have to do is go to the bank and inquire about the locations of houses that are available for mortgage loans. After you’ve found a home that meets your budget, you can begin paying the booking fee, a mortgage down payment, and the remaining balance. The process of applying for a mortgage, the price of the house, the down payment, the installment amount, the length of the installment, and the amount of our annual salary will affect all the requirements. It is important to ensure that we have an excellent credit score before applying for a mortgage.