5 Interior Design Trends in 2022

2022 is the year to start paying attention to nature! With earth tones making a comeback, here are trends to make your house more lively!

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The world of interior design is one that is ever changing and evolving. Each year brings new and exciting looks to help you stand out from the crowd. So say goodbye to last year’s decorating trends, and say hello to 2022 interior design trends!

Lokalist is picking up some of the best top interior design trends that we are all eyeing for this year!

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Sustainable materials

Sustainable materials will be one of the major interior design trends this year. In fact, sustainable interior design trends are on the rise and expected to become a part of your everyday living. From eco-friendly flooring to sustainable building materials and switching to LED lighting.

2022 design trend bold color and pattern statement accent, tren desain 2022 aksen warna terang dan pola unik 

Bold patterns and colours

All-white everything is off the trends, and bold patterns and colours are expected to hit the interior design spotlight. This year, we are going to see bolder patterns, colours, and design elements on the interior that will help create a powerful and striking statement. 

Mindful spaces

When it comes to designing your house, you have a lot of factors to take into consideration. You don’t want it to be too cluttered or too plain. You want it to be comfortable and properly lit. Your space should be both beautiful and functional, and the best part about all of this is, by the year 2022, the items you use in your home and the space you created at your home will reflect that.

2022 design trend indoor outdoor living space, tren desain 2022 ruang indoor outdoor

Indoor-outdoor living

Who doesn’t like being in a place where they can relax while looking out at a beautiful view? The meeting of indoor and outdoor spaces is turning into a lifestyle and a way to bring more colour and enjoyment into your home.

Statement lighting

It’s not only about the size or shape but think about its characteristics, style, and attitude it brings to your space. In 2022, interior designers are incorporating bold and eye-catching lamps that can make a room stand out and statement lighting is definitely here to stay.

2022 design trend statement light piece, tren desain 2022 lampu unik

So there you go, Lokals! Interior design is an ever-changing field–and this year, your home is set to take on a brand new personality!