15 Housewarming Gift Ideas for New Homeowners

When you have been invited to a housewarming party, you do not want to come empty-handed—you want to give the host or hostess a gift that not only they will love but also useful for their new home.

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Moving into a new house or apartment is always such a gleeful event that is often celebrated with a housewarming party. Of course, if you have been invited to one, you do not want to come empty-handed—you want to give the host or hostess a gift that not only they will love but also useful for their new home. Although gift baskets and hampers filled with goodies make a good housewarming gift, finding the perfect housewarming gift that is practical yet thoughtful can take a while. We have found the perfect gift ideas for new homeowners that are perfect in so many ways!

1. Scented Candles


Candles with floral decor on table against color background


Whether it is handmade or a luxury-brand scented candle, they always make a perfect housewarming gift and you can never go wrong with scented candles. If you want to be a little bit extra with your housewarming gift, consider putting something that goes hand-in-hand with a candle such as soothing bath salt, classy matches, bar soap, or a personalized notebook.

2. Cosy Throw Blankets

Gray,And,Green,Cushions,,Throw Blanket,Cozy,Home

gray and green cushions, throw. cozy home


Why not give something that offers extra cosiness for a lazy Sunday morning? Yes, and that is a cosy throw blanket—Just like the name itself, it’s cosy but stylish. From bringing the feeling of comfort and warmth to curl up in the cold weather until adding an extra homey-touch for room decor. Throw blankets are the best gift idea to give for your beloved friends or family’s housewarming.

3. Olive Oil

There are plenty of reasons why a quality olive oil makes a unique and wonderful housewarming gift, and the main reason is that it is useful. Olive oil is the gem of gastronomy and is a very appreciated oil, a drizzle of good olive oil will make a fine dish. Yet, it’s no secret why a regular olive oil in the store costs a lot of money, so a pack of selected olive oil will make a special and thoughtful housewarming present to give.

4. Oven Mitt and Kitchen Towel

Oven Mitt, Cooking, Oven, Microwave, Baking

Kitchen Cooking Microwave oven gloves colorful with wall tile background


The classic gift that surely will not only make the perfect Christmas gift, but also a housewarming gift. Perhaps, it’s the easiest gift to give as a housewarming gift apart from bringing fashion to the kitchen. A gift bucket of a nice pair of oven mitt and a kitchen towel is a gift that will put a smile on someone’s face.

5. Coffee Mugs

Hot Coffee In a Vintage Mug

Hot coffee in a vintage rooster coffee mug and coffee beans placed around, stands on a wooden table in a warm, light atmosphere, on wooden background. Vintage style. Front view. Selective Focus


One will never have enough coffee mugs. Although mugs seem to be less thrilling than others—getting a personalized coffee mug will kick things up a notch and make it a gift worth giving for anyone, especially coffee lovers. These can be mugs full of colour prints or even heart-shaped mugs. After all, everyone loves to have a special gifted mug to drink from.

6. Chocolate and Wine Pairing Box


Chocolate truffle balls with cocoa powder in blank craft paper box, sweet delicious gift dessert for winter hoildays on marble background, shallow depth and selective focus


The perfect housewarming gift to indulge a chocolate and wine lover—chocolate and wine is a match made in heaven. Since there is no rule with pairing chocolate and wine, you might want to stick to “the darker the chocolate, the more it complements a strong red wine”.

7. Unique Wine Glasses

Wine glass, Unique

Unique Wine Glass for Wine


Simple and classy—wine glasses come in different types, shapes, and materials. A unique and personalized set of wine glasses will definitely make the perfect and thoughtful gift for your wine lover host or hostess.

8. Cutting Board Gift Set


Chopping Wood decorate on the white brick wall


The most idyllic kitchen starter kit that everyone will find useful in every kitchen. A wooden cutting board is the most common material used as a cutting board. But if you are in for something unique, a bamboo cutting board with a custom engraving is never a bad idea. Besides, a bamboo cutting board is not only better to provide clean and precise cuts, but also good for the environment. Also, bamboo material will last longer if it’s cared for properly.

9. Fresh Flowers or Potted Plants

Glass,Vase,Bouquet,Beautiful,Flowers On Table

Glass vase with bouquet of beautiful flowers on table in room. Space for text


Both fresh flowers or potted plants are the most traditional housewarming gift. We all agree that there is no better way to beautify a home than with colourful flowers or some indoor greenery. Fresh flowers and potted plants will brighten the home and bring into being a fresh looking home. The only thing you need to know when giving a potted plant as a gift is to make and keep it simple by looking for a houseplant that is easy to care for.

10. Salt and Pepper Shakers

Cute,Salt And Pepper Shakers,On,A,Wooden,Table,In

Cute salt and pepper shakers on a wooden table in front of an arrangement of vegetables.


Although it might seem a run-of-the-mill gift to give, there’s nothing more interesting than having a nice set of the simplest tabletop items in the kitchen that can add a little bit more charm to the space. Ceramic salt and pepper shaker is a unique housewarming gift you might want to consider.

11. Cheeseboard

Something that is out of the ordinary, making it a perfect fit for small bites or cheese platter as well as a serving tray. A bamboo cheese board and platter be everything they need to present a delectable platter. Just like cutting boards, eco-friendly natural bamboo material is sturdy and can last for years.

12. Natural Cleaning Gift Set




When you are in doubt about choosing the right gift, a set of natural house cleaning products will do the job—it’s sustainable and eco-friendly. But if you think it’s a little bit too basic, you can try to personalize the kit as you like, including finding the right scent, ingredients, or the products that you want in the gift basket itself. Or if you are a knack for natural ingredients and can do your own DIY project, you can try making it on your own.

13. Corkscrews or Bottle Openers


Red wine bottle, wine glass and corkscrew on wooden table background


A vintage corkscrew or a handy bottle opener will make a unique housewarming gift idea for your beloved friend or family’s housewarming party. There are plenty of uniquely-shaped corkscrews and bottle openers in the market that makes a special housewarming gift to give.

14. Coffee Maker


Silver,Coffee Maker,Pot,On,The,Kitchen,Stove,Geyser,Coffee

Silver moka coffee pot on the kitchen stove. Geyser coffee machine. Copy space.


One of the best kitchen gifts for caffeine lovers. From the budget buy pour-over coffee or French press coffee maker to the most expensive espresso maker, they will make the perfect gift for your coffee-lover friends or family member’s housewarming party.

15. Waffle Maker

A waffle maker makes the most genuine housewarming gift for your waffle-enthusiast friend, anyone, or even yourself as a perfect kitchen appliance to start off their morning. By fair means, a waffle maker is practically a useful gift that will not go to unwanted.