The 8 Best Cafés & Restaurants in Serpong

Serpong is widely known as the heaven for the Chinese-Indonesian style of bakmie. But Serpong today has doubled as the perfect cafés and dining hideout.

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The Jakarta suburban city, Serpong holds a lush of amazing places to visit. From shopping malls to five-star hotels. Serpong is widely known as the heaven for the Chinese-Indonesian style of bakmie. But Serpong today has doubled as the perfect cafés and dining hideout. With new café and eateries joints sprouting out oftentimes, it can be a little bit knotty when it comes to finding the right place to hangout. We are summing up our list of the best cafés in Serpong for your next dining and café-hopping escapade!

1. Kopikalyan

A cosy little nook located in the BSD city, Kopiklayan will indulge guests with not only what they serve but also its ambience—homey, soothing, and inviting. You will be greeted with the aroma of their coffee as it drifts to the air when you step in, giving you a chance to lay-back while having your cup of coffee. Kopikalyan is one of the best places to get coffee in the area, with several varieties of coffee and bites assortment that become their specialities.

2. Games On Cafe – G.O.C

Nothing beats a fun night spent with friends or family with some good food and a quest of games. Game On Cafe is the place where good food and great tabletop games come together under one roof, making it the perfect place to hang out with your pals. Ranging from a childhood classic to competitive tabletop games, you will have access to their library of board games accompanied by food and other specialities.

3. Tamper Coffee

The classic coffee shop residing in The Breeze BSD city is definitely the place to go for good coffee and savoury meals. Tamper Coffee will welcome you with a cosy and warm ambience as you walk into the coffee shop. Tamper Coffee is definitely a go-to to have a good sip of coffee or even to indulge yourself with their signature main course while hanging out or even to have dinner with your friends. Their menu varies from a signature coffee, main course to a homemade waffle with a variety of sauces to choose from.

4. Lemari Kopi

Recommended by Tripadvisor for the number two “Coffee & Tea in South Tangerang”, Lemari Kopi is one of Serpong’s hidden gems situated not far from BSD Modern Market. Lemari Kopi introduced a minimalist-industrial design concept to their coffee shop. They serve a tremendously homey atmosphere with only a few tables with regular chairs and cushy couches set making it a perfect hangout place. Lemari Kopi offers a classic list of coffee, main course, and small bites of Indonesian flavour.

5. SALE Italian Ristorante

The best authentic Italian restaurant that Serpong has to offer! SALE is the ultimate place where you can relish the real ambience of an Italian restaurant and cuisine. From their appetizers, the main dish, to their Italian-style ice cream is all a must-try. It’s beyond question that SALE is the ideal establishment to have a fine Italian dining experience. Pick a seat on their second floor, and see how the chefs are working their magic. Also, it’s a ten-out-of-ten point for their cleanliness.

6. Ol’ Pops Coffee

In the thick of Serpong’s local list of hangout places, Ol’ Pops Coffee is a tiny coffee shop located in Serpong that is an idyllic hidden gem in the midst of the bustling city. Visiting Ol’ Pops Coffee is like visiting someone’s cosy home—it’s warm, intimate, and filled with a lot of greenery, creating the best possible hangout spot for all ages. The list of their menu choices vary and will not fail to indulge you with their special delicacy.

7. Monomania Coffee House

Monomania Coffee House is another hidden gem nestled in the Serpong area that will keep you coming back for more. You will feel welcomed with their very comfortable atmosphere in every corner of the coffee place once you step in! Their original brew serves the most delectable coffee that perfectly indulges every coffee lovers’ taste buds. Their selection of coffee beans from locals to imported ones will undoubtedly please your coffee addiction.

8. Intro Jazz Bistro & Cafe

If there’s a place where you can chill hard and eat hard, it’s gotta be Intro Jazz Bistro & Cafe. A spacious contemporary F&B establishment settled in Serpong. Just like its name, Intro Jazz Bistro & Cafe will soothe every jazz lovers’ ears with their light jazz music performing every dinner time—a classic way to end a day. Their food is unquestionably tempting for one’s love for food.