8 Must-Visit Tourist Attractions in Malang!

Missing traveling and visiting local attractions? Time to explore Malang and pay a visit to Lokalist’s favorite tourist destinations!

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As a popular tourist destination, this town will not run out of locations to explore. From cultural tourism to contemporary places to attract followers on Instagram, Malang has it all!

Are you planning a vacation with your family or friends soon? This time, Lokalist has compiled a list of must-see tourist sites in Batu City and Malang for your holiday. Check them out!

  • Mount Bromo

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Mount Bromo always attracts the attention of nature lovers because it has beautiful scenery with cool air. Tourists often visit Bromo to see the stunning sunrise view. We can access Mount Bromo by renting two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles, widely available for rent in the city area at varying prices.

  • Jodipan Colourful Village (Kampung Warna Warni Jodipan)

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Visiting this one tourist spot will definitely save time to explore Malang! We can find Tridi Village and Arema Blue Village inside the Colourful Village area. This thematic village complex is connected by a glass bridge above the Brantas River. As one of the cheap tourist attractions in Malang, you can enjoy everything by only paying IDR 3000!

  • Jawa Timur Park

jatim park theme park di malang, jawa timur, jatim park recreational attraction in malang east java indonesia

This tourist spot is definitely not to be missed when visiting Malang! Jawa Timur Park I, II, Eco Green Park, Batu Secret Zoo, and Museum Angkut are part of the Batu Tourism City region. Although it is a bit far from the city centre, visitors will be treated to rides with natural knowledge, animal collections, and their natural habitats, suitable to visit with family or friends.

  • Hawai Water Park

Hawai water park, rekreasi air, taman bermain air hawai di malang, jawa timur, jatim park recreational attraction in malang east java indonesia

Claimed to be world-class water rides, Hawaii Waterpark has 12 spectacular water rides that can be enjoyed by all ages. Not only that, but we will also find Instagrammable photo spots throughout the Hawaii Waterpark area to complete our experience with family and friends.

  • Floratourism San Terra de Lafonte

taman bunga florawisata san terra de lafonte, floratourism di malang, jawa timur, jatim park recreational attraction in malang east java indonesia

Located in Pujon District, Malang Regency, visitors will be treated to beautiful views of hundreds of types of flowers to perfect our Instagram feed. San Terra de Lafonte is a flower garden with colourful foreign-style buildings in the background. The building spots are from Korea, the Netherlands, to Italy. Walking around this place feels like traveling worldwide!

  • Coban Rondo’s Labyrinth Park

air terjun coban rondo, taman labirin, coban rondo waterfall, coban rondo natural maze di malang, jawa timur, jatim park recreational attraction in malang east java indonesia

Not only famous for its natural waterfalls and campsites, now we can enjoy a maze located in the Coban Rondo area. As a popular tourist spot suitable for visiting with family, the labyrinth is made from green plants as tall as two meters. Get ready to be lost in the maze!

  • Asmara Bay Beach

asmara bay beach in malang east java, pantai teluk asmara di malang jawa timur

Want an affordable version of Raja Ampat? Teluk Asmara Beach, located in Sumbermanjing District, southern Malang, is said to be similar to Raja Ampat. Along with white sand and bright blue seawater, this beach has a group of islands that make it a favourite among tourists. Not only snorkeling, but we can also do island hopping safely with its calm seawater currents.

  • Nirvana Hill (Bukit Nirwana)

bukit nirwana malang jawa timur indonesia, nirvana hill in malang east java indonesia

Bukit Nirwana is a new tourist destination, with spectacular vistas and pleasant mountain air. While we relax, we may also enjoy budget-friendly culinary pleasures thanks to the numerous seats dispersed over various sites. Mind to bring a jacket to avoid the cold!