5 Beautiful Waterfalls for a Short Getaway Near Jakarta

Tired of the hustle and bustle of city life? Let’s plan a weekend getaway to some of the most beautiful waterfalls that are located near Jakarta. Pack your bags and get ready for a relaxing adventure!

Cilember waterfall in Puncak Bogor
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Are you planning for a short escape from the stress and hustle of urban life? A visit to the wonder of nature can be an alternative to spend a short weekend adventure with your friends or family! The calming sound, the relaxing feels, and a stunning sight that make all of us drawn to the beauty of a waterfall.

In fact, chasing waterfalls have benefits for us in many ways. With the awe-inspiring scenery and the surrounding fresh air, chasing waterfalls can positively improve our physical health, mood, and helps with improving our mental health as well. After all, we will be returning to our lives in the big city but with a much better state of mind than when we were before!

We have listed some of the most beautiful waterfalls near Jakarta that you can visit for the weekend!

1. Malela Waterfall

the beauty of Malela waterfall at the foot of Gunung Halu, West Bandung Indonesia

Known as “The Little Niagara” of Bandung and located far from local settlements, Malela waterfall offers the scenic beauty of nature. Situated in the Cicadas Village, Bandung — Malela waterfalls stand tall at 70 metres in height and 50 metres in width, the waterfall is divided into 5 lanes with its main river swiftly flowing from the upstream river in the northern part of Mount Kendeng. Although you must pass through a steep and rocky path to hike Malela waterfall. the breathtaking view during the hike and of the waterfall itself is something you do not want to miss. 

2. Cilember Waterfall

Cilember waterfall in Puncak Bogor

Cilember waterfall is one of the waterfalls that everyone should visit for a short getaway in Bogor. A beautiful seven-levels waterfall located in Puncak, Bogor will make everyone drawn by the charm of Cilember waterfall. The waterfall resides at the height of 800 meters above sea level, and breathing the fresh air and seeing the beautiful green scenery of Cilember waterfall is perfect to de-stress from the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan city. A hike to Cilember waterfall is easily accessible with walking tracks.

3. Pangeran Waterfall

Beautiful Tropical waterfall "Curug Pangeran" on the Natural park of the Mount Salak in West Java, Indonesia

Not only Bogor is known for being the city of rain, but also it is the home of exotic and amazing waterfalls. For those who love to go and chase waterfalls, or even those who want to have a short escape from Jakarta, Pangeran waterfall is the perfect spot to visit — it is peaceful, quiet, and relaxing. The astonishing waterfall and crystal clear water are perfect for a weekend break. Pangeran waterfall is tucked away in Gunung Sari Village, Pamijahan Sub-District. The hike to Pangeran waterfall is considered easy despite the rocky and bumpy tracks. 

4. Seribu Waterfall

Main Waterfall of Many Waterfalls at Curug Seribu, Mt. Salak, West Java, Indonesia

Seribu waterfall is one of Bogor’s hidden gems where the river falls from nearly a hundred meters tall. Surrounded by the lush shady trees and bushes, you will find yourself mesmerized by the exotic nature scenery and the atmosphere of Seribu waterfall. Seribu waterfall is located in Gunung Sari Village and it belongs to Pamijahan Sub-District and is a part of Mount Bunder. Seribu waterfall will never stop enrapturing its visitors with flawless nature.

5. Ngumpet Waterfall

The beauty of "Ngumpet" falls in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia, surrounded by the fresh green plants

The name “Ngumpet” comes from the location of the waterfall that is hidden behind mountain cliffs. Also located in Bogor, Ngumpet waterfall has a height of about 45 meters, with exotic forest plants, and trees that grow around the waterfall makes the site a beautiful waterfall to visit. Ngumpet waterfall has the beauty that is incomparable to any other waterfall — the crystal clear water is the best part of the waterfall!

Who would have known that a short getaway to a waterfall is what we all needed to ease our stress from our daily mundane? Bandung and Bogor hold plenty of incredible waterfalls that you can immerse yourself in for a weekend getaway. With the air and the natural surroundings, they will leave us fresh and rejuvenated feelings as well as improving our physical and mental health.